I am a mother, I love nature, animals and sound and movement as medicines.

I am an explorer of many paths in an eternal and open minded quest to find out how to be a better human and to live a life filled with joy.  One of my biggest loves in life is the practice of Yoga; it’s ancient, glorious, filled with wisdom on how to heal ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and it keeps me level, happy and healthy.  

If I can impart any of this learning over the last 10 years to you then I will be even happier.

I love to teach beginners, I love to teach anyone really. Especially people who think they can’t do yoga - you can, anyone can. I know where I was at when I started so trust me, you can do yoga. It’s mainly about breathing and moving better - making you feel wonderful on all levels of Being.

For you, I’ve trained in Ashtanga, Mandala Vinyasa, The Rocket, Yin Yoga and Chakras, so roughly over 800 hours of training mostly with The Yoga People.  I like assisting on their Yoga Teacher Trainings too.

Now I’m training in Shamanism and Sound Healing with voice and instruments.

Like I said above, once you start along this path to self knowledge to feeling whole and better, many more paths appear.

My gratitude to all Teachers, fellow Yogis, Students and all Creatures who have reflected the Self back to me. 

We are one.



Nicola Glenn

Hertfordshire, UK

07884 239958