Yoga has given me back myself. It's helped me become a better mother, friend and lover of life; and because yoga has done so much for me, it has become my greatest joy to guide others in this ancient practice. 

My teaching styles cover traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Mandala Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Yoga for Sports, HIIT Yoga and Yoga in the Workplace, with over 800 hours of continuing training and development.

Sharing an accessible yoga practice for all levels, physicalities and abilities is what I love best, and I have deliberately trained to teach a few different styles of Yoga to suit those of us with eternally busy heads, those of us who can't touch our toes, and those wishing to expand an existing practice.

Along the path I have met other knowledge-seekers; my eternal gratitude extends to my main teaching family in Dulce and Jamie of The Yoga People, Rainbow Kids Yoga and the path of Shamanism with Dulce, Maria Angelez Gonzalez, Carlos Mundalah and Elizabeth Rudwick

I continue to re-train, and assist on Yoga Teacher Trainings as often as possible, every year.

So, if Yoga has always interested you but you have questions around it, or you've seen some things on social media and think it is not for you, please reconsider and come to join a friendly bunch of yogis at Higher Power Arts. 


My gratitude to all teachers, fellow yogis, students and all creatures

who have reflected the Self back to me. 

Some students wrote about their experiences of starting Yoga with me.

Please do have a quick look in the Testimonials, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Continued Training


- 500 HRS Registered Yoga Teacher

- 200 HRS Ashtanga and Rocket

- 220 HRS Mandala Vinyasa and Shamanism

- 100 HRS Yin Yoga and Chakra Theory

- 30 HRS Rainbow Kids Yoga

- 200 HRS Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow

- Reiki 1

- Fully Insured

- Enhanced DBS Certificate

- Registered with Yoga Alliance


Teacher Training Assistant in 2019 with The Yoga People:

  • Mandala Vinyasa and Shamanism 100Hrs, Goa India, March 2019

  • Mandala Theory 20Hrs, London, May 2019

Nicola Glenn


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