Vinyasa means ‘to place with awareness’.  Simply, breath with movement. Vinyasa classes will encourage you to bring greater focus to using the rhythm of your breath as a metronome for your practise.  Vinyasa classes move or flow from pose to pose on the breath and can feature any number and pattern of sun salutations, standing and seated poses.  

Vinyasa and Yin Yang classes are less demanding than Mandala Vinyasa classes, but all are welcome at both.  You may however, prefer to have some vinyasa experience if attending a Mandala practice.



The four Mandala Vinyasa flows are creative, playful and will quickly create warmth in the body. The sequences move you 360 degrees around your mat, using the rhythm of your breath to flow through poses, arm balances and inversions.  Each flow connects you to the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, linking to set days in the Mayan calendar. These also relate to the first four elements of the Chakra system, and so each sequence brings its focus to those areas of the physical body.  Yin yoga poses gently open and close each practice, perfectly enhancing both the subtle body and your vinyasa flow. The system gives us these beautiful, powerful and creative flows to open the mind and body leaving us lifted and energised. Some vinyasa experience is helpful here.

The Mandala Vinyasa system was created by Dulce Aguilar and came from her own shamanic lineage and yoga practices; Dulce is currently the sole teacher trainer of these practices drawn from her lineage.



This practice allows your body to open and stretch in Yin poses, working deep into the bones and ligaments before warming and strengthening into the Yang vinyasa practice, where we flow with the breath through standing and balancing poses.

A drawing together of polarities; light and shadow, sun and moon and the sacred energies of feminine and masculine within us all.  

A wonderful practice for bodies of all abilities.



Whilst Yin Yoga is known for its qualities of cultivating stillness, it is a practice that promotes deep healing and awareness of the physical body.  For this reason, many athletes and those of us with bodies that do not easily flex and bend grow quickly to love the deep stretching poses in Yin, that works on tensile tissues such as fascia, tendons and ligaments.  We are mostly floor based, using some cushions and blocks to support the body while gravity draws the long-held poses a little deeper. This is a wonderful practice to enhance a busy life or an athletic body. Everyone can find their way to Yin; suitable for and loved by everybody.


HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, is a fast paced cardio class designed to make you sweat and work hard.  We fuse breath with yoga poses and dynamic stretching, making intense internal heat, to quickly increase strength and flexibility.  The short burst sequences are interspersed with corresponding Yin yoga poses, aiding muscle recovery time.

Class closes with relaxing in Yin Yoga to restore the joints and muscles we have just stressed.

Yoga is not in any way a goal oriented practice; but if you prefer to approach the physical or asana practice as a way of bringing health to your body, then any movement is a great starting point in bringing the mind and soul along for the ride.

Please Note: Attendance at this class requires an existing Vinyasa Flow practice OR 30 Hours of Vinyasa and Yin classes with me, to ensure your comfort in the class.


There is always a need for yoga in the community. I have noticed that over time, yoga has become more expensive and it’s often the case that this makes it inaccessible for many, and often these are the people who would most appreciate yoga’s benefits.  It was my dream to be able to offer a free weekly Meditation and Yin yoga class to the school community of parents, carers and staff, bringing everyone together through yoga.  I am looking to expand this to the broader local community.

Classes are on Sundays at 10.30am and will run weekly through each term time.


Yoga provides so many different benefits to an office environment.  Just one hour each week gives employees a chance to press pause in their busy day;  giving them greater mental focus and clarity, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress related insomnia leading to better productivity.  It also brings immediate relief to tense, aching necks and shoulders which in turn relieves headaches, back pain.  The benefits to mind and body are numerous. Collaboration and team building between colleagues increases as a direct result of spending time working on these things, together. I've been teaching lawyers and school teachers for two years and the results have been extraordinary.