Mandala Vinyasa Yoga and Human Design



London: A Half Day Workshop

Beginning with a Mandala Vinyasa Yoga sequence created to connect us to Source Energy, readying our bodies and minds for a look into the world of Human Design with Olivia Lasonos:

"In Human Design we say the universe does the heavy lifting.  We only have to do 10% of the work and the Universe will respond with the other 90%.  The key is just to create space for the opportunities and respond to them using our own strategy and authority: be it waiting to respond (Generators), waiting for an invitation (Projectors), using the lunar cycle (Reflectors), and informing others (Manifestors).  It really is as easy as that to manifest and create change."


Your chart can be created pre the workshop date if you provide your birthdate to Olivia, and you may be asked if your chat can be used in the discussions about the four types above 

- but this is at your discretion.

Who will your Human Design chart reveal you to be?

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