Winter Solstice Circle of Shamanic Magic

Mandala Vinyasa Yoga and Human Design


December 20th from 1 - 4pm, at Indee Yoga, Hemel Hempstead.

Welcome to the Circle! Celebrate with us at the Celtic Winter Solstice.


A magical ceremony of shamanic Mandala Vinyasa Yoga with Nicola, followed by an initiation to the illuminating world of Human Design with Olivia.

Olivia's gift is in helping others re-connect to their unique and beautiful soul path in this lifetime, charting the details of your birth to reveal your very own human design blueprint. Your experience will be filled with 'aha!' moments as Olivia shows you that all you need for your growth is already within you, and you can fall in love with who you were always supposed to be.


We look forwards to the gift of your soul in the Circle with us.

Nicola and Livy.