Circle of

Shamanic Magic

29th December, Indee Yoga

The Creatrix:

Nicola Glenn, Natalie Brophy, Sara Fakih

A three hour awakening of yoga and Abun-dance to unify the creative energies of the divine feminine and masculine.

Shamanic journeying with drums will bring us to dreaming and manifesting our intentions for 2020.

Candlelit Yoga Nidra will embed these seeds deep in fertile earth.

This is the time for your Energetic Shift.

Intention setting will be aligned with the Pagan Wheel of the Year:-

Natural Cycles, Signs & Symbols, Word-spells and Circle work.

Altars, Rituals, Tools.

These Circles will become Powerful and Magical Connections

as we hold gatherings during the 13 moons, at each

Quarter Point of Transformation.

Think It

Say It

See It

We Are Abundant 


Image from @theyogapeople

Mandala Vinyasa Yoga Training, Goa 2019